Saturday, December 3, 2011

would you still love me if i told you i was going to lose weight

the reason i ask is because i want to get pregnant eventually, and i don't want to be at risk for gestational diabetes or high blood i was thinking about losing for that.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm actually well educated in numerous areas, I'm just lazy so I do this....

lol. I'm kidding. Anyway, I did go to college for a while until I got pregnant with my second child and was put on bedrest. When I attempted to go back to school for winter term, I was diagnosed with a medical issue that never resolved and was later diagnosed as chronic pain. Now, my doctor has suggested if I need to work, to do something that won't put stress on the body since my pain increases my blood pressure at time. Then I started medical testing and she said that it would be best to work at home if possible until we can consistently manage pain. I also started having panic attacks. I orginally started as a youtube dancer at 17, then went on to a cam girl, then a paysite/clipstore owner, and now I'm into a very unique fetish called stuffing. I hope to do it for a while =) ily!

Let's Start Over and Forget About What Just Happened (PS I got my new HD camera!!!!)

Hi, so, let's give him a break. You know who I am talking about. I know many have said a lot of negative things about this person/site owner, but that's no longer any of my business. We have no control over the way some people act, but everyone is different for their own reasons. I don't want to be unfair to him since he hasn't responded, so, I have no idea why our disagreement had to come to this. Let's just pretend it never happened and move forward with our lives.

Accept it, learn from it, and live with it. The thing is, I would apologize to him for my mistake of signing the contract and I would forgive him too. What's life without obstacles and challenges? I just hope the terms of his contract are more informative and that no one will have the same problems as I did.